Electrical Power Management System (EPMS) solutions

We specialize in Electrical Power Systems. EPMS provides the feedback facilities need to reduce inefficiencies related to power delivery and energy consumption.

We focus on four areas of expertise

Substation Automation

Affinity Energy provides real-time tools for managing electrical distribution equipment such as substations, transformers, generators, transfer switches, motor control centers, and variable speed drives. By improving information, customers

Power Quality Monitoring

Our EPMS systems provide owners with the diagnostics they need to proactively address potential electrical problems such as disturbances, harmonics, poor power factors, and system unbalances. They also help owners perform accurate root-cause analysis.

Critical Facilities Monitoring

Our EPMS systems provide very granular information from your equipment and environment, allowing you to assess and respond to abnormal conditions in a timely manner. They can direct alarms to personnel, building automation systems, or other enterprise systems such as work order and network management.